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We manage Social Media for your business so you don’t have to!

Our mission is to get your business online! With our internet savvy, marketing expertise and social media experience, we create a dynamic online presence for your business. Best of all, we have the time to manage your Social Media accounts.

Our ‘Aha! moment’ came when we realized that many business owners, who wanted to use social media to grow their business, got stuck on the first step. It was overwhelming and they didn’t know where to start. And if they did start, they didn’t have the time, knowledge or resources to maintain the on-going communication necessary for social media marketing success.

Thus, the birth of ‘We Do Social Media Marketing For You’ – a service that does just what it says. We take the mystery out of social media and get your business up and running on social media sites.

When you contact us, you’ll reach our resident social media maven, Marlene Gavens, owner and founder of ‘We Do Social Media Marketing For You.‘ She can explain our services, answer your questions and introduce you to your personal ‘social superstar’ who will tweet, update & post for your business.

Our office is in Sarasota, FL but thanks to the internet, our services are available wherever your business is located.

Your business is unique and so are we. We look forward to putting our social media marketing expertise to work for you!

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What Is Social Media Marketing? What Does Our Company Do For You? Who Do We Help? How Do We Help?
Social Media Marketing is the use of social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube) to create an optimized internet presence so when people search online for your products & services, they will find YOU. We provide Social Media Marketing Services that increase the online visibility of your business and establish your brand. The more visible your business is, the more likely it is that people looking for your product or service will find you. The more familiar people are with your brand, the more likely it is they will purchase from you. We are most effective working with small to mid-size business owners who want an active presence on social media sites but don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to do it on their own. By outsourcing your Social Media Marketing to us, your business will have ongoing lines of communication that will find, attract, engage and connect with people who are looking to purchase your product or service. With a properly managed social media campaign, your business will have greater visibility in today’s competitive online marketplace .