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In Part 4 of our case study we described how we started to implement our Action Plan for our client, Jamie Kirkell of Kirkell Silk Studios.

Here in Part 5 we’ll cover some of the social media steps we’ve taken to achieve our objectives.


First was the creation of a custom Facebook Fan Page for Kirkell Silk Studios. Many thanks to Facebook Fan page designer WebWendy who was a pleasure to work with, coming in on time and on budget! In Part 3 you can read more about why Kirkell Silk Studios has a Facebook fan page and how we’re measuring the results. The Fan page now has 25 fans – the number needed for a custom url. We invite you to become a fan!


Next we created a custom YouTube Channel for Kirkell Silk Studios. YouTube is the #2 search engine and since Jamie’s painting lends itself to being recorded and he’s not camera shy, we’ve developed a schedule for adding video content to the site. We’ll use YouTube’s analytics as one of several tools to measure and determine if we’re achiving our goals. We invite you to subscribe to his channel!


Flickr is an image (and video) hosting site with a social component. Again, since Jamie’s art is visual, Flickr is an ideal place to showcase his work for greater online exposure. Here is a link to Kirkell Silk Studios Flickr acccount. We have many more photos to upload and tag including Jamie’s new works, photos from his classes and his Judaica art. Jamie has joined a couple of Flickr groups including one called ‘Made With Silk.’ Posting photos to a group is one of several ways to get exposure on the site and market a business on Flickr while remaining compliant with their terms of use.


One of the most important changes we made to Jamie’s website was the addition of a blog. A well written blog provides new content to a website making it more search engine friendly. In addition, the blog offers the opportunity for Jamie to stay connected with and engage in conversations with those who are interested in his work – either as buyers or students. Businesses that blog get 55% more visitors to their websites and 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their blog.

Niche Networking Sites:

Most people have heard of the larger social networking sites such as Facebook but there are many, many smaller sites that focus on a special interest. The art world has many ‘niche’ sites and we’ve found several that may be of interest to Jamie for community, marketing, information and networking. A few of the sites are
Amateur Illustrator, Deviant Art, Coroflot and Colour Lovers.

If you’ve been following this Case Study series, you can see what we’ve done to successfully create an internet and social media presence for Kirkell Silk Studios.

Right now we’re monitoring the various analytics reports and we’re able to see an increase in traffic and exposure for his brand . In the future we hope to share some of the analytics data with you.

Is your small business using social media? If you’d like to bring your business online, just email us!

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In Part 3 of this case study we outlined the Action Plan for our client Jamie Kirkell of Kirkell Silk Studios.

The Action Plan consists of the specific steps that need to be taken to achieve the objectives (which we described in Part 2).

Here in Part 4 you’ll see some of the things we’ve implemented so far:

For the Website -

Our goal was to move the exisiting website to the WordPress platform and add several components. You can see the new site here: Kirkell Silk Studios. We thank web designer Frank Gomez of Frank’s Designs for a smooth transition!

A new addition to the site is the Newsletter signup page which offers a free download as a ‘legal bribe’ to encourage email subscriptions.

Another addition is the Blog which adds new content to the site on a regular basis (great for SEO) and provides a way for Jamie to showcase his new works and keep people updated on when and where he will be exhibiting and teaching classes.

Google Analytics has been installed and we’re getting data that will be important for refining our strategy as we move forward. We’re happy to see that there’s been an increase in visitors since changing to WordPress!

website visitors

After Changing to WordPress

A website’s work is never done and we still have a ways to go in terms of SEO. While WordPress is optimized out of the box, we’ve also installed the All In One SEO plug-in. Our Keyword Lists are an essential resource as we add content to the site. On an on-going basis we’re working to create inbound links as well as deep internal linking. While SEO is important, our content will be geared toward Jamie’s audience. The analytics data will let us know how we’re doing.

General Business:

A number of Keyword Lists have been created and we’re using those to optimize the website and blog as well as all social media profiles.

Google Alerts are now set up. They’re providing valuable information on what is being said online about Jamie and his business. We’ve been (pleasantly) surprised to see who is talking about him and where his business is showing up on the internet! The alerts are also giving us interesting information about what his competition is doing.

We’ve claimed Jamie’s business on Google Places. Here is the listing for Kirkell Silk Studios. And this is what it looks like in search results:

Kirkell Silk Studios Google Places Listing

We’ve created a Marketing Calendar and an Editorial Calendar to keep us on track with blog posts and newsletters.

The rest of the Action Plan has to do with Social Media and we’ll cover that in our next post.

If you need to catch up on the previous parts of this Case Study you’ll find them here:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

What do you think so far? Are there other things you would add to the plan? We welcome your comments – please leave them below.

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In Part 2 of this case study we looked at the strategy/objectives for marketing Kirkell Silk Studios online.

Once the strategy is developed, it’s time to create an Action Plan. The Action Plan consists of the specific steps that need to be taken to achieve the objectives. Below is a brief outline of  the Action Plan for Kirkell Silk Studios.

Action Plan for Kirkell Silk Studios:

For the Website:

Jamie’s current website is not optimized for search engines and requires the services of a webmaster in order to make changes or add information. We’ll be moving Jamie’s current website to the WordPress platform. WordPress is a content management system which is well-optimized for search engines and very user-friendly meaning that we (or Jamie) can add or edit information on the site without outside help.

We’ll be adding a blog component to the new website. Updating a website with quality content on a regular basis will help the site show up better in search results. A blog serves a number of  important marketing functions and Jamie will be taking advantage of those. We’ll also be creating an Editorial Calendar to serve as a content addition strategy for his blog.

Landing pages will be added to the new website. One of the first will be a newsletter sign-up form. Jamie is working on a ‘legal bribe’ to encourage email sign-ups.

Initially the website will have a landing page with a PayPal button so buyers can make a purchase from the site. Eventually Jamie hopes to have an etsy shoppe from which items can be purchased. Both the website and Jamie’s Facebook Fan page will link to the etsy shoppe.

To help with SEO (search engine optimization) for Jamie’s site we are:

  • Doing Keyword Research and developing keyword lists
  • Creating incoming links (directories, blogs, press releases, articles, social media/bookmarking sites)
  • Employing on-page optimization and internal linking tactics
  • Utilizing relevant WordPress plug-ins

Jamie’s website will have Google Analytics installed. Google analytics provides detailed statistics and information about the visitors that come to the site. Many small business owners who have a website have no idea if it’s working for them or not. With an analytics program, we’ll be able to obtain information about the number of visitors to the site (new vs returning), which search engines are sending traffic, which social media sites are sending traffic, which keywwords are being used,  which pages are of the most interest, which pages are not functioning well and much more information that will help us make the site work better for Jamie’s business.

For General Business:

Keyword Lists: We are generating a number of Keyword Lists for Jamie’s business. Keywords are the foundation for a successful internet presence. They’re used in social networking profiles, for website optimization,  blog posts, titles and tags and more. Keywords, when used properly & in the right places, are essential for being found online.

Google Alerts: We’re creating a number of Google Alerts for Jamie and for his business. Google alerts let us know what is being said online about Jamie and his business, about his competition and industry trends. With new results coming in daily, they are the ideal way to find out out what others in your business are doing and for managing your online reputation.

Business Listing Sites: We’re claiming Jamie’s business on various business listing sites starting with Google Places.

Marketing Calendar: We are working with Jamie to create a marketing calendar. This will work in conjunction with the editorial calendar being created for his blog and the scheduling of his YouTube Videos.

Email Marketing: This is a marketing tool that helps a business build long term relationships with their customers or clients. It’s also a way to keep in touch with interested individuals who come to a website or Facebook page but who aren’t yet ready to make a purchase. For Jamie we are going to:

  • Develop a list acquisition strategy
  • Develop a content & campaign plan/strategy
  • Autoresponder messages
  • Create a custom  Newsletter template

For Social Media:

We will be creating optimized profiles for Jamie and Kirkell Silk Studios on several social media sites. How do we decide which sites a client should be on? Site selection is based on:

  • where the client’s target market can be found online
  • which sites are best suited for the client’s product or service
  • how much time the client has to actively participate on the site
  • what the client is looking to get from a social media presence on the site

Based on the above criteria, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn are the social media sites we will be focusing on for Jamie and Kirkell Silk Studios.

Facebook: We are creating a custom Facebook Fan (business) page for Kirkell Silk Studios. It will include graphics to match the website, a brief welcome video and a section for email sign-up with the capability to download a ‘legal bribe’ in return for subscriber information. We are also developing a strategy to network, engage and increase the number of fans and promote the page as well as a content strategy for page updates and using Facebook ads. Facebook provides analytics data called ‘insights’ which gives valuable information on how well the page is achieving its goals.

YouTube: YouTube is the #2 search engine and that’s a great reason to have a presence on the site. In addition, Jamie’s creative work lends itself well to the video format. We are creating a custom YouTube channel for Kirkell Silk Studios and a content creation schedule. The YouTube Channel provides some analytics which will help us measure the level of success on the site.

Flickr: Flickr is a photo sharing site with a social aspect. There are several reasons for Kirkell Silk Studio to have a presence on the site including the nature of Jamie’s work and the ability to add notes and tags to the photos which provide metadata that is searchable online.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the largest professional network on the internet with more than 90 million members. Jamie will be on LinkedIn for a number of reasons. One of them is to develop a network of business contacts who may interested in hiring Jamie for corporate comissions. We will be optimizing Jamie’s profile, listing his company on the site and he will be participating in several relevant groups.

In case you missed the previous installments of our Case Study you can find them here:

Introduction Part 1 Part 2

Be sure to subscribe to our blog to see how our Case Study progresses!

What do you think so far? Are these the steps you would take? What would you do differently? Leave your thoughts and comments below -

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After meeting with our client (Jamie Kirkell of Kirkell Silk Studios) and learning about his business and goals, we developed a Strategy and an Action plan to market his business online.

The Strategy defines the objectives and the Action Plan lists the steps needed to achieve the objectives.

Below are the strategy areas broken down by category. This is an overview. Our clients receive a more detailed report with SMART objectives – ones that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-framed. This sets realistic expectations for the client and provides them with a timeline as well as a way to measure results.

The strategy for Jamie involves 3 main areas: his website, general business and social media. Jamie’s website is the central focus for information about his business and we’ll be using various social media tools to drive traffic to the site.

Although Jamie already has a website, our strategy involves changing the site to make it more user-friendly when visitor traffic arrives. Other changes will provide ways to convert those visitors into leads and eventually into buyers.

Strategy (Objectives):

Website -

  • create a user-friendly website where anyone (not just a webmaster) can make changes/add pages/add updates
  • add a blog
  • add landing pages
  • optimize site (SEO)
  • add analytics
  • create a way for people to purchase items from the site

General Business:

  • Keyword research
  • create Google Alerts
  • Set up / claim business listings
  • Newsletter

Social Media:

  • create a Facebook Fan page
  • create a YouTube Channel
  • optimize existing LinkedIn profile
  • create a Flickr account
  • create a blog (see website)
  • check for appropriate niche social sites

For some of our clients, the General Business section would include identifying the buyer persona(s) for the business and developing a UVP (unique value proposition). In this case, Jamie had already defined these as part of his business plan.

Once the strategy/objectives are defined, we move on to developing the Action Plan – the steps that are necessary to put the strategy into action. Look for that in our next post.

Previous parts of our case study:

What do you think so far? Would you do anything different? Do you think we left something out? We’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions and suggestions. Tell us your ideas in the comments section below -

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Earlier this week we introduced you to a new client of ours, Master Silk artist Jamie Kirkell. You can find the case study Introduction here.

Today is the first post documenting our step-by-step progress. We invite you to follow along in the coming weeks as we discuss our strategy and implement  the ‘action plans’ to market Jamie’s business online.

Master silk artist Jamie Kirkell contacted us because he was looking for a way to market his silk scarves online. He had a website,  Kirkell Silk Studios, but felt it was more like a brochure and didn’t accurately convey his personality or his interest in connecting with people. In addition, he wanted to be able to sell his hand painted silk scarves from his website but it wasn’t set up to do that. He was also interested in using social media to market his business.

Our services are not ‘one size fits all’ so before developing a strategy and action plan for our clients, we like to find out more about them, their business and their marketing goals. To do this, we utilize a comprehensive questionnaire/checklist that we developed and have refined over the past few years.  After reviewing the responses, we’re able to create a customized internet and social media marketing plan that’s tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our questionnaire is divided into 5 main content areas:

  1. General Information
  2. Business Specifics
  3. Marketing
  4. Resources
  5. Goals

General information is an overview of the business – its history, how it started, what item(s) are sold or services are provided, what our client’s role in the business is, etc.

Business Specifics goes more into depth about the business – describing the target market(s), doing a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats), defining the UVP (unique value proposition),  identifying the competition, etc.

Marketing covers all current and past marketing efforts focusing on what worked, what didn’t and why. It defines which products or services are the best sellers, which bring in the most profit (not always the best sellers), what problem(s) these products or services solve for their customers, how the business maintains contact with previous, existing and future customers and more.

Resources refers to monetary resources (the budget), people resources (staff) and time (# of hours) available to devote to an internet/social media marketing program.

Goals are how each specific business defines success. When we prepare our report, we create SMART objectives to help our clients reach their goals. SMART objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-framed.

We met with Jamie last week and after processing all his information, we developed a Strategy Report and Action Plan to market his business online. Details in the next installment!

BTW – as our case study progresses, we welcome your input, thoughts, ideas and suggestions!

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I’d like to introduce you to a new client of ours: Master silk artist Jamie Kirkell of Kirkell Silk Studios.

Jamie’s studio is in Sarasota, FL but his art work has been shown in major New York galleries as well as internationally. Companies such as TRW, IBM, Metropolitan Life and Adria Labs International all feature his distintive works. Jamie also creates a line of beautiful, hand painted silk scarves and Judaica items.

Jamie recently hired us to develop an internet and social media strategy for his business and to implement it. He has  graciously agreed to let me share his journey with you. I’ll be posting regular updates here on the blog so you can follow his  progress. Use the RSS feed (the small orange button to the left of this post) to subscribe to our blog and be notified of each update so you won’t miss a thing!

If you’re not sure how to subscribe, this short (1 min 6 second) video explains how to use Google Reader with an RSS feed:

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